Begin, Build & End.

Begin, Build & End.

Begin, Build & End.

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen all at once. – Albert Einstein.
As functioning adults, we spend so much time working to master time. For example; Where to find time,
how to manage time, tools to organize your time, how much time will it take and how much time do we
have left.

Time is tricky and at the beginning and ending of the day (no pun intended) the most relevant and
misunderstood factor to our happiness and success.

If you can get past the anxiety and the lack of focus, the beginning of anything Is amazing! In the
beginning it’s new, exciting and there is adrenalin to spare. You can’t stop thinking about it and your
actions can’t keep up with your imagination for execution. We find time that we didn’t formally have to
apply towards this new focus and before you know it we are fully consumed. If all this beautiful energy is
not assigned, managed or contained correctly it can create premature burn out. Often the beginning is
short lived due to a lack of real interest. Time invested flushes out the difference between infatuation
and commitment.

If we can make it through the beginning of anything and through to the middle we are truly interested
and working on sustaining, stamina and momentum. Very often, the thrill is gone. The excitement of the
idea has passed. The challenge of the chase (can it be done? Can we figure it out?) has expired. It is in
this “middle” time span that we find ourselves face to face with the big decisions that create our day to
day lives as we know it. The middle is where all the work is done! You’ve accepted the project, you
started the book, you began the relationship…and now what? Now, you get to recreate the energy that
sparked the initial enthusiasm over and repeatedly. What are we looking for here? We are seeking
momentum, that feeling of ease and idleness. You know that feeling of “I don’t always have to work at
it”, our sweet spot. This is where your intention is introduced to your grit and something is born or
something dies.

Everything that had a beginning has an ending. Some endings are inopportune and not our preference.
Some endings are self-inflicted and a decision to begin again with another focus. Some endings are
beautiful and celebrations of success and completion.

Far too many of us find ourselves on a hamster wheel, unclear of our options and wonder why our lives
feel so fruitless and frustrating. Next time you feel like you’re spinning, take a moment off the wheel
and identify where you are in time. Whether you are at the beginning, in the thick of something or find
yourself at the conclusion, the clarity of where you are makes way for identifying the tools needed for
this stage of “time management”.

Life is Delicious! Don’t just inhale, enjoy!

Sherry Swift

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