Building a real estate machine

Building a real estate machine

Building a real estate machine


The topic of real estate holds a very special place in my heart as over 40 percent of my coaching practice is in service to real estate agents, teams and brokerages.  I speak Real Estate! One of the greatest challenges that my clients face is the differentiation between real estate;  the job or hobby and real estate; your business that requires Planning, Execution, Consistency and Accountability to create sustainable success. There is necessity for entrepreneurial re-programming here. The skill-set necessary to sell several dozen homes within a year is a different skill-set  needed to find talent, hire talent, create and maintain culture, build and sustain systems, and demonstrate true leadership. That being said, we must work on learning and living with leadership based thinking and behavior.  You see, the skill-set necessary to sell several dozen homes requires hunger, habits and consistency.  If you accept and understand that you are in the business of connecting with and collecting people you are going to be able to rock this JOB and will experience expedited success, find your rhythm and momentum.  During this time your focus will be more external E.g  People, Presentation, Profit.  This  time span  requires committed accountability and patience. Could you use a coach? Absolutely! Just make sure your coach is accountable to holding you accountable.  When going from one point of performance to another,  accountability is the most important ingredient otherwise it really is therapy as opposed to coaching.  Broken down a little more;  if you tell me you want to do it, why it’s important, that you are going to do it, I am going to support you/ remind you and remind you until you do it or abandon it. Either way you are going to learn something about yourself in this process. When you have established the habits, momentum and results you will find that you need leverage which comes through people.  People are complicated and this time span requires that your focus be more internal E.g Culture, Behavioral understanding, Servant Leadership and Retention. This time span requires acceptance of  blind spots/ necessary growth and commitment to others. Could you use a coach? Absolutely and non negotiable!  When you take responsibility for the growth, livelihood and progress of others you must be responsible and have outside consultation ( Leadership, Team Building and Performance Coaching).  I have been blessed to Coach, Train and Consult so many successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs through every process for over two decades and love my work!  No one is coming! Coming to make you work, make you show up, make you lead generate, make you follow-up!  You must CREATE and maintain habits that will ultimately reflect your success.  If you and I have EVER had a conversation that involves the growth opportunity of going from where you are to where you really want to be, you have heard me say that mindset is 90 % of the success formula.  If someone offered you a map that toke detours on your journey into consideration, would you accept it or would you decline it and find your own way? Give yourself permission to grow into yourself!  The hand rails are there for a reason, use them!  This is where coaching comes in for most of my clients and their teams.  People don’t enter into a coaching relationship with me because their incapable, it’s the opposite reality.  I work with Rock Stars who understand that their vision is limited because it is difficult to see the picture from inside the frame.  Give yourself permission to grow into the next best version of who you are supposed to be!


Stransky & Company

Thank you to my client Matthew Stransky  for being my guest on Swift Talk with Sherry Swift.  Matt has been a client of mine for many years and I’ve had the sincere  honor of watching him grow from an independent agent to a  leader of a team of 7!  He successfully manages a team of 7, provides consistent coaching and training for his team, is consistently on the hunt for talent to add to his team and still makes time to sell a few homes himself! What a great conversation for anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level. In this interview, he addresses many different levels of growth and change available in a real estate career and offers insight and awesome advice to finding success.  I would encourage you to take a listen to snag the tips from Matt that could change your business.. Write to me @ and tell me in 100 words or less why you want to take your business to the next level and we will select a winner for a complimentary coaching session,  just in time for 2018 business planning!  Life is Delicious! Let’s have a big slice of it together!

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