So much more than a photo booth!

So much more than a photo booth!

So much more than a photo booth!

Don’t take yourself so seriously! Sherry & Tina

Happy holiday season! A few years ago my wife and I had a celebration and invited a hundred of our closest friends and family to celebrate life, love and happiness with us. As we planned what we thought to be the most important party factors (food, beverage, music, location) , we stumbled upon the idea of a photo booth for our guest. Now, I can be a pretty serious person and have always shunned the idea of a photo booth but conceded for our party. Ends up that the photo booth was the hit of the party! We could not keep our friends out of this thing and admittedly I enjoyed it quite a bit myself. The greatest benefit came 1 week later when the owner of the booth sent us a disc with all our photos on it. What a gift to be able to peek into the booth with others when they let their hair down (and sometimes added some hair )! I am now a fan of the photo booth and the absolute fun and frolic that it brings to any environment.

Britney Hoskins

My guest this episode is Britney Hoskins, owner of The Top Pic Collective. Britney’s company specializes in a customized approach to the photo booth experience! During this episode, Britney shares her passion for entrepreneurship and the journey of creating something great! She provides a lot a detail about what makes her photo booth so special while sprinkling a lot of motivation and inspiration for anyone who is hesitating on making their dream a reality! She is a beam of light in a microphone! On a personal note and from The Coach, I couldn’t be more proud of this dynamic women and  I am super honored and excited to be a part of her growth journey!  Take  a listen and tell me what you think! Britney is giving a discount for anyone who writes in about this episode, so write to , get your discount (25% off!) and make some fun for you and your people!  Life is Delicious, let’s take a break during this busy season and enjoy a big slice of it together. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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