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Keynote Speaker

Influential Speaker on Leadership, Business and Professional Development. Sherry is unique because she gets what is important. That is building people to excel into becoming the best version of themselves.
Why Have So Many Businesses and Executives Chosen to Hire Sherry?

Sherry is different.

Her approach is both entertaining and thought provoking. She educates her audience and through her experience in being highly successful she provides an entirely new perspective. Sherry inspires to think “outside the box”. Her expertise in business, leadership and communication is evident throughout her programs.

Sherry's results in creating results based environments and improving corporate cultures demonstrates her expertise in performance development and leadership. Participants walk away with high content, high energy and a skill set to make a difference.

Transitional Mind-set

Understanding Mind-set and working on them
In this talk your audience will walk away learning the following:

  • Understanding and identifying present mind-set and contributing factors
  • Identify and exercise Mind-set Stretch goals
  • Create a roadmap to new thinking, understanding & doing
  • Mindset maintenance

Transitional Habits

Prospect, Consult and Close Your Way Into Explosive Production
In this talk your audience will walk away learning the following:

  • Prospecting is relationship building, get out of your own way and learn to love it!
  • Connections are created through questions. Immediate understanding through the 5 consultative questions that lead to agreements
  • Look for more than immediate gratification, focus on follow-up and building a pipeline that will sustain your production goals
  • Turbo charged accountability that encourages transparency while enhancing performance and commitments.

Sherry with Book

Grow into Yourself

The transitional journey from where you are to where you want to be

  • Accept that you are where you are as a direct result of your own participation
  • Identify the 20% that could change your 80%
  • Abandon old thinking and doing to change into the best possible version of yourself
  • Identify your disciples & eliminate the naysayers-it’s impossible to push a car uphill if someone else is always placing the gear in reverse
  • Create a comprehensive plan for growth, including contingencies and pitfalls
  • Gain comfort in accountability and leverage as a tool to increase your results exponentially

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