Meet Sherry

Sherry Swift


Sherry speaks from experience not theory.

Sherry Swift is a professional speaker and Performance and Growth Coach that walks with her clients through their limiting mind-sets into their purpose, passion and desired outcome. She is a survivor of tragedy and a testament that sometimes, the only real way out is through. Having survived the murder of her mother and the suicide of her father, she has devoted over a decade to helping people find their purpose, live in their passion and exist in a life that really matters.

Sherry produces extraordinary experiences.

Through her own personal story she communicates the need for recovery, intention, and process, she will light your stage on fire and create awareness and personal accountability within your team! Sherry is known to bring energy, light and laughter to the platform! She is steeped in production based coaching and training and has a track record of assisting people in living their best lives, personally and professionally.