Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional!

Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional!

Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional!


Change is inevitable, Growth is optional.

We’ve just returned from the magnificent Hawaiian Islands.   I am working on putting the words together to describe and share this amazing experience. While in Waikiki I was introduced to the beautiful and mysterious Banyan Tree. Other then it’s grand and unique stature, what makes this tree so special and why am I so fascinated with it?  I think that this tree represents the whole process of growth and how growth is unlimited when it is not attached to everything that created the opportunity for growth. A banyan is a fig that begins its life as a plant that grows on another plant when its seed germinates in a crack or crevice of a host tree and there is no limit or end to its growth. These tree’s can live for hundreds of years and are modular organisms that grow by adding in new parts that don’t depend on previous parts and can be lost similarly.   I sincerely believe as people this is how we are intended to grow!  We have our original experiences (some good, some bad, some unimaginable) that make way for the next extension of who we are to become.  Just like the banyan, our next extension has a life of its own and can thrive as a part of our original story or could survive on its own independently. You see, sometimes our host tree (original story) is the perfect set up for every extension that comes because of our experiences and when that happens it is wonderful and seamless.  Sometimes, our original story is not true. It is the result of incorrect information that has been downloaded because of someone else’s programing.  As a result, the host tree may be infected but perfectly capable of producing new healthy extensions that will eventually be independent of its origin.  You can become whatever you decide, build whatever you’re interested in, learn whatever you’re focused on…you are not committed to living out your past circumstances!

If we are living, life is changing. Change is inevitable!  Expect that some change will create discomfort and may not be by choice.  Your response to change is what makes way for the next extension of who you are to become.  Keep what you need, what makes you better, faster, stronger. Let everything else GO!  You are uniquely eligible to become who you are because of your experiences but your experiences should not hold you hostage, create imaginary lids or limit your growth. When life gives you figs, grab a hold and take a swing into your future!

I am so excited to launch my podcast within the next few days and our first few episodes will focus on growth! My guest and I will approach the intentional and important conversation of Financial Growth, Family Growth, Professional Growth and Spiritual Growth.

I would love it if you would join me!  Please find me on Instagram @SwiftTalk so that we can keep you updated on our progress, upcoming opportunities / episodes and giveaways!

Life is So Delicious! Till next time,



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