Spiritually Speaking

Spiritually Speaking

Spiritually Speaking

I grew up with an understanding of God, who he was and what he meant in our lives.  I grew up in the church. Singing, Ushering, Attending Vacation Bible School every summer…I grew up in the church!  My Mother was a ” Women of God” and had enough faith in God’s greatness and mercy,  to share some of her faith with anyone who was lacking. I knew God peripherally through my Mother and through the church.  I had questions about  Christianity from a young age and most of my questions were initiated through the “rights” and “wrongs” that were taught from the pool pit and the obvious disconnect through the examples in their lifestyles.  I didn’t understand choice, true love, forgiveness…because that is not the lesson that was being taught on most Sundays that I attended. I heard more lessons on condemnation, sin, and hell as your final stop if your choices don’t line up correctly with the preachers interpretation of “the good word”.  I knew God peripherally.  I experienced a tragedy in my young life that toke away my whole understanding of what was real and shook me to my core. How could a God so good allow for so much disruption, pain and horror.  This was not my idea of grace and favor!  This was my idea of disloyalty, disappointment and the revealing of fake promises and the wizard behind the curtain. I was broken,  pissed off and hurt, not a great combination.  My loyalty was gone, my interest in religion abolished and my faith pretty much non existent. What I didn’t realize at that time was that I was experiencing the beginning of MY relationship with MY God, spirituality and Faith realized.  Have you ever been in such a dark place that no one could reach you? I was in that space and especially didn’t trust any “higher power “for intervention.  My story goes on and is long with an ever evolving faith, love and peace for that which can not be seen, easily explained and is not always understood. I met God in the darkest place possible and have grown to understand my connection to him through my faith and spirituality.  I believe this relationship is available to everyone and is far too often compromised by individuals in imaginary authority who believe they hold the keys and entry to this club. This is not a club,  instead a very personal relationship, experience and belief that does not require any one persons endorsement or approval.  I am forever grateful for my evolving faith and I believe that my job is to introduce my spiritual evolution to others through my life, love and living.  You can’t influence what you don’t live and you can’t live if you are in a bubble only exposed to other people who remind you of yourself. I encourage everyone to burst out of your bubble and SHOW everyone God’s grace through your behavior, acceptance and love for everyone.  I want to thank Angela Lippard for being my guest on “Swift Talk with Sherry Swift” and discussing the opportunity for spiritual growth, diversity, faith and religion. Please take a listen below and share your experiences and comments from wherever you’re listening.  Thank you again, Angela for your transparency and for sharing yourself with this beautiful world.

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