Hello America, am I sensitive right now? Well, uh YES! Sensitive to too much bad news and too much good news ( which is easily misunderstood as an unawareness and tone death). My sensitivity is a direct reflection of where my mindset is day to day and THAT is subject to change, frequently. I am human! I am a human that provides support to other humans. You see, I have the privilege of supporting during this season of turmoil, lose and fear. I am a Leadership, Performance and Growth Coach that leads with the understanding that all growth is accessible and sustainable through internal awareness, improvement and change. You can’t have it, if you won’t become it and you won’t sustain it, if you don’t relinquish it. This is tough work and it is the leading cause of so many people not achieving their life goals. People will do the gritty labor necessary to out perform most, but are not willing to sit down inside of themselves to interrogate their own roadblocks to next level success. We spend most of our time in mediocrity, choosing not to access excellence, because we are busy! Right now, not many of us are SUPER BUSY and some of us are spending more time with ourselves then we are comfortable with . Instead of taking this time to activate internal growth and interrogate our own demons, too many are pointing their “loaded extra time gun” outward to their friends, family, social media and anyone in their paths. Not being very nice, not demonstrating much patience, a little heavy on the judgement and hypersensitive. Large doses of humanity gone to the wayside, just when we need it the most. I shared early that I identify as human and I serve humans. Therefore I am giving and seeking understanding, lending and collecting guidance and leading with curiosity and patience like never before. I’ve done a lot of internal work over the years and continue to work on me- for me, hoping to be better for you and anyone that God entrust to me. I believe we are all doing the best we can within these challenging circumstances. I also believe that most people will adjust their approach to things when made aware that it’s creating difficulty for others and given a map towards a different path. Let’s look together at how we can be good humans when the world is in much need of humanity:

  1. Your energy is a mirror. How we feel reflects outward and then bounces right back towards us. If you ever wonder why every one else’s energy seems to be off, a self check may be in order. Energy is available most times on call, get moving! Take a walk, ride your bike. Reengage or start a health hobby that you’ve been wanting to try. Try Meditation (starting with 2 minutes, making your way up to 5 minutes, with maybe a goal of 20 minutes!). Meditation adds to our internal wholeness and our ability to moderate our anxiety, frustration and fear. Limit the energy zappers (alcohol, Netflix bending, eating). Although all of these activities feel like “just what you needed” when you’re partaking…they always leave you feeling exhausted and depleted after the binge. Limit the news ( to maybe twice a day update). Limit your social media. If you’re struggling, identify those on SM who are carrying light. If you are carrying light, identify those on SM who are struggling. Pop in to add what you bring, promote your business, check in on your clients, laugh a little and commit to spreading a little joy. Re-connect with your spouse ( yes, this brings energy if you do it the right way).
  2. Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged. Give away what you are lacking. If you are impatient, work hard to extend just that. If you are intolerant to difference in people, work hard to understand someone else’s view point. No one wakes up in the morning planning to fail at life, love, leadership and just being a likable human being. People are doing the best they can on most days. Here we go; Walk lightly carry a big stick, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all, empty vessels make the most noise…you get where we are going here! Life is tough enough today without the added burden of ruling over people and identifying their shortcomings. Grace and mercy extended will be reciprocated just when you need it.
  3. Lead with empathy. Thank the Lord that I have not lost anyone to this horrible Covid 19 and I pray for God’s continued mercies. With that said, I am no different than anyone else and I am certainly eligible for loss as I love BIG and MANY. I have experienced rapid, unexpected loss in my life and here’s what I will tell you; it induces a pain that is indescribable and subtracts things that you didn’t know you had to give. If you’ve been fortunate enough in life to not relate to this feeling, you are truly so fortunate. You are also eligible to join this undesirable club at anytime. There is NO EXCUSE for insensitivity to others suffering. Statements like ” people die every year of the flu”, “we all are going to die of something”, or ” this hasn’t impacted MY tribe” scream a lack of empathy and insensitivity to others suffering. What if it was your mother, your spouse, your child, your best friend…who was caught up in this terrible horror story with the worst villain we’ve ever seen and no super hero in sight? How would any of those aforementioned statements feel in your ears as you suffered through your good byes from a distance. Inhuman are these circumstances that we must say good bye and we need to induce as much humanity that we can muster up to comfort these appalling circumstances.
  4. Pick your pack! There’s never been a more important time to surround yourself with strong, encouraging, positively empathetic , loving, giving, humans. If at any point in any conversation or interaction you identify that the people who you are leaning into for leadership, support and guidance are not those things, permission to disengage. Character is created while we’re down and revealed when we rise. We are growing, together, into a pack of leaders who will live to tell this story and will change the trajectory of humanity as a priority. With that being said, a crow won’t evolve into a eagle no matter how long it’s been on the ground. Those who are growing into leaders are clearly identifiable and like all of us, imperfect. Imperfectly capable of blending with others who are on the same trajectory with the same goals. Those who are comfortable with the skin they’re in and demonstrate no desire to grow through this instead of just judge, moan, complain and go through this, that’s okay… but they may not be your best pick for surviving and growing through this challenge.
  5. Love yourself first and fully. It’s hard to be good, patient and understanding towards anyone else when you are giving yourself the short end of the stick. When you start to go in hard on yourself, remember: You are enough! Your dream is still alive! You can still make it happen! You are still beautiful/handsome! You are worthy of the love you should give yourself! Though your journey may have experienced a detour, your destination is still available and your process will begin again!

Today, Be a whole human being contributing to the need for humanity and the universe will pay you back in dividends!!

Always sending light, love and absolute possibility ,

-Sherry Swift


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