Two Years Later…

Two Years Later…

Two Years Later…

4th quarter of 2019, before the world changed, Tina and I decided it was time to scale. Scale to a business model that provided a little more predictability. I have been a Dream Weaver, Performance Coach, and Leadership Coach for well over two decades. I have supported hundreds and hundreds of real estate professionals into extreme productivity and team building. I absolutely love my work! Although I love my work, the challenge at this stage of the business for me was sustainability. Let me elaborate; I wasn’t concerned about finding new coaching clients or always having coaching clients in my rotation- people need to grow! I was growing tired of the expiration of the relationships. Every new contract had an expiration date. Although most of my client relationships ran for 5 years on average, there was to be a day that they would need to move on and find another voice. I was ready to build a marriage, not to date! I wanted to see my people through every stage of growth and development. I needed a deeper relationship opportunity. A trusted friend of mine and also a coach came into town and explained how she was leveraging the eXp business Model, as a coach…I was ready to listen. I was ready to listen and lean into a gentleman by the name of Chuck Keller who had been patiently reaching, staying in touch, and building a relationship with me for over four years from his first contact. My business partner, and amazing wife Tina, and I immediately saw a potential and obvious perfect fit for partnership!

Now, keep in mind, this was pre-Covid! We immediately set out to have great conversations with wonderful Realtors with who we were already in a relationship with and discovered a few new relationships. This was our core group and we ask them along for this journey. This journey of teambuilding, life-changing, and absolute exit strategy. I thank God for our growth partners! We grew from 10 to 50, from 50 to 100 and we are quickly scaling to 200.

How did Covid impact our start-up? Well, we quickly realized the value of virtual training, meetings, and collaboration. Although we have a brick-and-mortar office, Covid came through and removed access to our beautiful new space. Thank God for the vision of Glenn Sanford, Virbela “The World”, and the opportunity to collaborate safely, separate but together. We continued! In this environment, quality, real quality of information, was pivotal. We pushed through quarantine and stay-at-home orders and continued to support, build and grow. Fast forward to November 2021. Covid is still happening and unfortunately still adversely impacting too many. As for our team of Rockstars, we are practicing safety, executing live training and meetings, and we just returned from expcon in Las Vegas! Expcon, where we presented 8 Icon Agents (wanna know about Icon- let’s talk)! It was my absolute honor and privilege to share with our company! I have presented to so many very large groups for so many years, and it hits a little differently when you are presenting to a company where you are a shareholder and your organization is front and center, supporting your presence.

Today, we have growth partners who are building their own brands, teams, and vision as a result of this action that Tina and I took back in 2019 and it is only the beginning of life-changing realities.

Whatsoever you desire is available to you! Step out, prioritize yourself and your vision. Believe in your ability to produce the same or better results for yourself that you have for so many others. Believe that the universe and God will follow your lead, but you must lead!

2022 is on deck and I couldn’t be any more excited and ready to continue to build, grow, support, and sustain my organization and the partners!

Tis’ the season- what are you celebrating?

-Sherry Swift

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