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Relationships. Everything is always evolving, even and especially our leadership relationship with others. We are leaders that are interested in building other leaders. I am NOT a manager nor am I interested in managing people. When cultivating a relationship with an evolving leader, we have found that there are three stages to these relationships.

  1. Influence: Every evolving leader must see in you something or someone that they aspire to become. We must mind our reflection and ensure that we are vibrating our ability, character, and standards that will attract other leaders in the process. If we as leaders find that we are facing others who are incapable of evolving, we must ask ourselves with true accountability, “Did we attract an evolving leader?”.
  2. Empower: Every evolving leader must feel empowered to lead! To hear the shout of the word “stick!” and possess the clarity that they need to reach for the baton! To stand up inside of themselves with courage and confidence. There is a confidence that must be downloaded into an evolving leader that is most often provided by their leadership example. Does your leadership style communicate ” you are capable”? Or, do you struggle with handing off responsibility? Some leaders struggle with creating leaders because of their inability to share the light. Some leaders struggle with creating leaders as a result of listening to their own self-talk on the topic of WHY it has to be them and only them to complete certain tasks. True success is when your idea is reflected and duplicated through the efforts of others.
  3. Extension: Every evolving leader must feel the ability to become their best selves without your shadow overcasting their progress. This stage is very important and one that is overlooked by many great leaders. Whether we are leading our own children and discussing the “when” to step back so that they can step forward, or leading a Team Leader who needs to know that they are not stepping on your feet by stepping into their own shoes, this step is imperative to understand and implement. Give people permission to be great because THEY are great, not because you made them great. The best coaches and mentors are never named. The best coaches and mentors know when to step back and create space for the next level of greatness. We as coaches and mentors must evolve beyond our own egos and need for pomp and circumstance. We must be independently confident in our impact and live our lives walking in purpose and intention. Heavy is the cape of the superhero who must walk around by day like Joe or Jane normal and put on their mask and cape when no one is looking to save the day. Heavy is the cape, however, the library of impact is real and creates a soul-stirring satisfaction that can only be defined as Purpose Driven.

Tina and I love our work and are always looking for leaders who are ready to unlock their next best level of leadership and yell “stick!” while keeping the real, important work of true impact going.

Sherry & Tina, Swift Transitions

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